14th ESBS Congress

24-26 June 2021 Riva del Garda, Italy CONGRESS PRESIDENTS Prof. Giovanni Danesi Bergamo, Italy Prof. Davide Locatelli Varese, I..[read more]


Welcome to the European Skull Base Society!

The European Skull Base Society ( ESBS ) was founded in 1993 at the first Congress in Riva del Garda, Italy.

As stated in the Statutes the ESBS is a multidisciplinary, scientific association of skull base sciences.
It will devote itself to promote the free interchange of knowledge and experience between persons who are active in the fields of research, teaching, diagnosis and therapy of skull base diseases within Europe.

The purpose of the ESBS is to ensure the development and improvement of multidisciplinary centres.

It will also evaluate and systematize current advances made by each of the skull base disciplines to benefit all patients with skull base disease.

The chief aims of the ESBS will be:
1. to hold scientific congresses,
2. to promote exchange visits between members,
3. to enhance postgraduate education,
4. to collaborate in research projects and professional matters,
5. to sponsor publications and
6. to act as a professional advisory body to other groups as well as with government agencies.

The ESBS is a non-profit association and the funds shall be used only for the purposes of realising the intentions stated in the Statutes.